Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Coming Soon

New sizes, colors, styles!!! We are about to launch a new color! Its fabulous and it took some convincing for it to happen, but its going to be gorgeous! We are testing out new processes now, and should have a sample up before too long. These frames will be offered at an incredible introductory rate~ SERIOUSLY you will NOT want to miss this sale, but its going to be extremely limited in time (like only a few days).

On another note, the distressed frames will be going off sale on Monday November 3rd, so if you want that price, order now!! They are perfect for gift giving~

Monday, September 15, 2008

Reclaimed Distressed Wood Frames

These frames are made from reclaimed lumber and quite unique with dings and nail holes. They are super thick and extremely sturdy~guaranteed to look GORGEOUS on your walls! They are currently available in two color choices: white glaze or black stain! The frames will be on sale through September 2008 for


Just in time for the HOLIDAYS!!!! They will make great affordable family and friend gifts! So get them while they are cheap! Check below all the pictures for the information on size, etc.

You will be pleased with your purchase!

The Technical Info:









Note* Easle and Lamp not included :)